Baby Food – Tips For Cooking Homemade Baby Food

Is homemade baby food better than the ready made baby food available in the market? Do you trust the quality of the canned food? Is the frozen food safe for the health of my baby? You would be encountered with all these questions when your baby would be around six months old. There is no straight forward answer to all the above questions. The opinion also varies from country to country. In the developed countries people generally prefer the canned and frozen food. But in the developing countries people prefer homemade baby food for their babies. There may be various reasons behind these variations. What I understand is that in the developing countries the ready made foods are not popular because of its high price and relatively low quality.

Cooking tips

If you decide to cook the food for your baby you have to take care of certain things. First of all you have to be very much cautious regarding the cleanliness and safety. Following are some precautions you should keep in mind while preparing food for the babies. russian chocolate


  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before preparing food for the babies.
  • Boil the tools like knife, peeler, and scissors, cutting board, utensils and any other things which would be used during cooking for about twenty minutes. This would sterilize the cooking tools and utensils.
  • Always be sure to thoroughly wash and cleanse the fruits and vegetables that you will be using to make your baby food.
  • If possible use a wooden cutting board instead of using a conventional plastic cutting board. It is found that removing bacteria from the plastic item is more difficult.
  • Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before and after handling the meat and poultry products.
  • Although it is better to avoid red meet for babies, some parents might like to try it. Boil all red meats for twenty minutes, remove water and then cook.
  • Cooking white meat, fish and egg should also follow the same procedure to safeguard against dangerous bacteria and viruses.


Foods should be avoided for babies


  • Avoid use of too much salt as the babies’ kidneys are not enough developed and unable to handle too much salt.
  • Raw honey should be avoided as it might contain harmful bacteria.
  • Raw milk should be avoided; milk should be boiled for at least twenty minutes before giving it to babies.
  • Sugar should be avoided as much as possible because it causes tooth decay and obesity.

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