Quit Smoking Forever – If You Follow My Advice You May Never Smoke Again

Do you want to never smoke again? Are you ready to quit smoking forever? You are the only, and I mean the only single person who can make the decision to give up smoking. Not your wife, not your parents, not your family, not your friends; you and only you. If you have made that decision, then good for you. The decision to stop smoking is the most important health decision you can ever make. cbd fruchtgummi kaufen

But sometimes just making the decision is not enough. Quitting smoking is tough. No matter how much “will power” or “determination” you have it may not be enough to get you over the hump. Be smart and get some help to make sure you succeed. People who try quitting “cold turkey” fail way more often then they succeed. Now, you may know people who tell you they have stopped smoking cold turkey. What they may not be telling you is how many times it took them to quit. Most likely it took them several attempts. So, again: get help!

You have a lot of options when it comes to smoking cessation. From medications, to the patch, to nicotine gum, you definitely have choices, but they ate not all good ones. I am going to give you a piece of advice that I hope you take, but that is up to you. My advice? When you want to quit smoking forever make sure you use a smoking cessation technique that conquers your mental, rather than your physical addiction to smoking.

You see, most quit smoking products focus on the body’s physical addiction to nicotine. They make a smoker think that if they are able to beat the addiction to nicotine then they will never smoke again. Unfortunately this is not the case. Nicotine replacement therapies like the patch and medications actually do not have very high success rates. And even if a smoker manages to stop smoking using these tools they may not stay “quit” for very long.

That is because the smoking cessation method they used did not address the true addiction they suffer from: the mental addiction to smoking. You see smoking is a very powerful habit that is deeply tied into the life of a smoker. After they quit smoking, the physical addiction to smoking passes in a week or two. But the mental addiction to smoking can go on for weeks, months, even years after the smoker thinks they smoked their last cigarette.

But there is a powerful technique that focuses on removing the mental addiction to smoking. It eliminates the mental cravings to smoke making it easy to never smoke again. It is called NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a powerful form of hypnotherapy that is becoming more and more popular with smoking cessation experts because of how effective it is at removing the cravings to smoke from the subconscious mind helping their clients to quit smoking forever. NLP hypnotherapy techniques can even be applied in your own home just by listening to a simple but powerful audio recording.

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