Silver Pendants – Flaunt Your Personality

Pendants are a smart way of expressing your moods and emotions, while being trendy and stylish. Silver has been the ‘in-thing’ since the beginning of the century and continues to be a rage. Silver pendants are available online in large numbers. However, it is recommended that you carefully explore the Internet market and select a reputed dealer before buying jewelry. Fantasy Football Rings

You can opt for the ‘simple yet sweet’ pendants to wear or an everyday basis, its Gothic counterparts for occasional use or the celebrity-inspired ones to outshine every other woman in the party.

Celebrity-Inspired Silver Pendants
Celebrity-inspired silver pendants refer to jewelry pieces that emulate those donned by celebrities at social gatherings or red carpet events. A few such pendants that caught media attention were:

Enamel pendant – This violet enamel ball pendant was sported by Paris Hilton. It is an artistically-designed, yet cute, pendant that makes for a perfect accessory with a similar-colored, casual outfit. Although simple, it will spice up your look the moment you team it up with a sterling silver chain. This pendant can prove to be a wonderful gift for someone youthful. Jewelry Manufacturer

Star Charm – Diane Kruger looked very classy with this pendant and a smile to match the brightness of a star. This classic star pendant ensures that whoever wears it shines like a star and stands apart from the crowd. Made of sterling silver, this pendant can be used flexibly, with formal and casual outfits alike. Medals

Round pendant – This silver swirling pendant made Angelina Jolie look ravishingly beautiful. It will do the same for you. Very elegant and chic, this pendant is made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia (CZ) and is the perfect accessory for formal functions.

Gothic Silver Pendants
The mysterious, inexplicable nature of gothic jewelry has won favor with past and present generations. An online jewelry dealer will have a variety of Gothic and Celtic silver pendants, including:

Dragon claw crystal – Wear the dragon claw holding the mystical crystal gem with a V-neck top. Make sure that you expose the pendant well so that everyone around you can wonder about the mystery behind it.

Crystal pirate skull – Pirates and jewels have been associated since time immemorial. So what if this wealthy pirate has a bejeweled eye patch and eye? Made of sterling silver and CZ, this pendant will make for an interesting accessory.


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